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Green biomass energy

Your ideal project partner and service provider.

Carbon Capital (Pty) Ltd. is a recently established, wholly Namibian owned private company, founded in February of 2020.  At its core, Carbon Capital is a project development and capital raising company, targeting the emerging bioeconomy sector within Namibia, including biomass, agriculture, and related manufacturing sectors. The company was co-founded by Cirrus Capital, a well-renowned Namibian financial services provider, and Viridescent Trust, founded by Colin Lindeque, a biomass specialist, biotechnologist, and entrepreneur.

Bioeconomy sector, bush, biomass, harvesting

Unique combination of financial and biotechnical expertise.

To unlock, sustain, and nurture growth within the bioeconomy sector, a specialized skill set is required. Our unique combination of financial, business, and biotechnical expertise makes Carbon Capital the ideal project partner and service provider for advancing biobusiness opportunities. We excel in capital raising, project structuring, market development, project management, and technical backstopping.

Our Vision

To realize a thriving, sustainable, and diverse bioeconomy within the region.

Our Mission

To create and generate value within the regional bioeconomy.

Preferred Partner

To become the choice project partner within the regional bio-economy sector.

Professional Support

To provide support and services to projects of national and regional importance.

Raise Capital

To leverage local and international capital through high-impact funds.

Strong Portfolio

To develop and maintain a diverse portfolio of successful projects.

Creative Thinking

To create new and innovative business models.

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