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Project Portfolio

Being new, Carbon Capital's project pipeline is still at its infancy. As such, it is dominated by promising early-stage projects. With further development effort, it is expected that the pipeline will see more diversification, as successful projects mature, and new ones can be added. Carbon Capital inherits a strong track record from its co-founder, Cirrus Capital, who have raised over NAD 2 billion for projects since its inception in 2017.

Retort Charcoal Producers, charcoal, retort, Namibia

Retort Charcoal Producers

A large scale and technologically advanced charcoal production project, aiming to produce up to 20 000 tonnes of high quality and sustainable charcoal for the international market.

Investment Value: NAD 220 million

Acacia, energy, bioenergy, biomass, renewable

Acacia Energy

A newly established energy services company, aiming to develop and operate energy systems for industrial clients. Acacia Energy will use biomass to produce heating, cooling, and power.

Investment Value: NAD 260 million

BushValue, biomass, feedstock, technology

A pilot-scale biomass processing technology that is ready to be up-scaled for commercial roll out. The aim is to produce a cost effective energy feedstock capable of replacing coal for baseload energy generation.

Investment Value: NAD 150 million

 pellets, wood, biochar, fodder,

Projects in biofuel, biochar, animal fodder, and related services are also under development.


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